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Fashion is about looking the way you feel,  express that in vibrant Colors

Introducing a tradition as old as time,  Masai Women’s Beading

The art and tradition of beading is proudly passed on from generations of women, whom wear the brilliant beaded colors to communicate the feeling of beauty, and uniqueness.  Sewn into every Purse, shoe, bracelet and earring is a message of hope for every strong woman who aspires  to share their  story of beauty through fashion.  

Red – bravery, unity and strength.

White –peace, purity and health. Blue – energy, sky, and water. Orange and Yellow – Hospitality. Green – The earth and nature in general. Black – Represents Africa.

Casual elegance

Made and worn to express Beauty, Strength, and Resilience, these beads are exactly what you need to feel vibrant from your Casual to Elegant occasions

World fashion

These labour's of love are testament to joyfull times, hope and new beginnings.   Supporting cultures from East Africa to the East Coast unites each of us through the diverse world of fashion.   

Color stories

Each piece is individually crafted, and each color symbolizes a special meaning “ color story”

Get ready for your Casual elegant occasions!

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