Jewellery 001


Introducing a tradition as old as time, Masai Women’s Beading.

The art and tradition of beading are proudly passed on from generations of women, who wear the brilliant beaded colors to communicate the feeling of beauty and uniqueness. Sewn into every Purse, shoe, bracelet, and earring is a message of hope for every strong woman who aspires to share their story of beauty through fashion.


Kenya, a country located in East Africa is known for its scenic landscape, vast wildlife(safari), and unique beading tradition from The Masai tribe. The Masai tribe is located in rural areas where families and children often live in challenging environments. Fewer resources and financial restrains, mean an uncertain future for these women and their families. By acquiring these wonderful products, you are contributing to our goal in shaping and providing a better quality of life for children, and future generations of women and their families.


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